Ladies in the Family Foundation (LIFF) is a non-profit organization focused on building relationships among immigrant women with a focus on black women and girls, to increase their economic, social and emotional wellness as they navigate building new homes, businesses, and work lifestyles in Canada.


Unlocking Potential and Building Leaders in Black Girls


Important Information

  • Registration Fee: Participants will pay a refundable deposit of $50 per week upon registration. This deposit will be refunded at the end of the program.
  • Maximum Weeks: Each participant is limited to a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • Limited Capacity: To ensure a quality experience for all participants, we can accommodate only 30 participants per week. Register early to secure your spot!
  • Project Support Lead:
    Zhanang Asake
    Phone: +1 (587) 891 4357
  • Office (Mobile Number) :
    Phone: +1 (403) 973-3558
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Welcome to BE GIRL, a vibrant summer camp tailored to empower black girls aged 10-26, while extending a warm embrace to all. Our doors are open to individuals of all backgrounds, ensuring that inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize the safety and well-being of every participant, including those with disabilities, ensuring that our program is accessible to all. From mentorship to hands-on experiences in various trades, we offer unique opportunities for growth and exploration. Join us on this journey where diversity thrives, and every girl is celebrated for her unique talents and potential.

BE-GIRL Summer Camps 2024

(10 AM - 4 PM)
Week 1: July 2 - 4 Opening Events - Introduction by Funders
Week 2: July 8 - 12 Women in Trade and Entrepreneurship
Week 3: July 15 - 19 CEOs in Business
Week 4: July 22 - 26  Young Women in Music and Dancing
Week 5: July 29 - Aug 2 Styling and Dress for Success
Week 6: Aug 5 - 9 Brain Power: Games, Mental Health
Week 7: Aug 12 - 16 Leadership, Community Service, Politics
Week 8: Aug 19 - 23 Young Women in STEM and Business 
Week 9: Aug 26 - 30 Camp Finale and Holistic Well being for young women

BE-GIRL 2024 Summer Camp



Week 2: July 8 - 12

July 8 - 12 (10 AM - 4 PM)
  • Women in Trade, Technology & Entrepreneurship.

July 8th

July 8th

July 9th

July 9th

July 10th

July 10th 

July 10th

July 10th

July 11th

July 11th

July 12th

July 12th

Week 3: July 15 - 19

July 15 - 19 (10 AM - 4 PM):
  • A Day with the CEOs in Business (In collaboration with Africa Centre)

July 15th

July 15th

July 16th

July 16th

July 16th

July 16th

July 17th 

Heartsaver® CPR AED Level C training. Attendees will receive certification covering Infant, Child, and Adult CPR and AED usage.

July 19th

Week 4: July 22 - 26

July 22 - 26 (10 AM - 4 PM):
  • Young Women in Music and Dancing (Brazilian and Cuban Dance, Zumba, Salsa, Bachata and Choreography)

July 22nd

Experience the lively rhythms and captivating movements of Samba no Pé, a traditional Brazilian dance hailing from Rio de Janeiro that captures the vibrant essence of Carnival! Join us for an engaging Samba no Pé workshop, where you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of this exhilarating dance style, renowned for its quick footwork, spirited movements, and pulsating beats.

Transport yourself to the heart of Brazil with our Samba Axe Dance Workshop! Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Bahia as you discover the pulsating rhythms and dynamic movements of Samba Axe, a dance style deeply rooted in Afro-Brazilian traditions and Carnival celebrations.

Step into the rhythm of Brazilian Funk in this energetic dance workshop. Discover the electrifying blend of hip-hop, electronic beats, and Latin flair that sets this urban dance style apart, rooted in the vibrant culture of Brazil's streets.

Discover the vibrant rhythms and exhilarating movements of Frevo, a traditional Brazilian dance from Recife, Pernambuco, that embodies the spirit and energy of Carnival! Join us for an immersive Frevo dance workshop, where you'll learn the basics of this dynamic dance style known for its fast-paced steps, acrobatic movements, and colorful umbrella twirling.

Join us for an immersive journey into the lively beats and spirited movements of Carimbo! Originating from the Amazon region of Brazil, Carimbo is a dynamic dance style characterized by its energetic steps, vibrant drumming, and colorful cultural heritage blending African and Indigenous influences.

Week 5: July 29 - Aug 2

July 29 - Aug 2 (10 AM - 4 PM):
  • Styling and Dress for Success

August 1st
1 hour conversation including Q&A

August 5th
Regain your girl power: PERIOD! 

August 6th


Week 6: Aug 5 - 9

Aug 5 - 9 (10 AM - 4 PM):
  • Brain Power: Games, Kahoots, Debates, Spelling Bees, Mental Health


Week 7: Aug 12 - 16

Aug 12 - 16 (10 AM - 4 PM):
  • Women in Leadership and Community Service (Hosted by LIFF) - Learn about available Grants for Community Projects

August 15

Women in Leadership and Community Service (Opportunity for black girls to explore the military).

Week 8: Aug 19 - 23

Aug 19 - 23 (10 AM - 4 PM):
  • Young Women in STEM and Business - Interactions with College Student


August 20th

August 21st

August 22nd - 30th

Week 9: Aug 26 - 30 

Aug 26 - 30 (10 AM - 4 PM):
  • BE-GIRL Camp Finale and Holistic Well being for young women
    • Mental Health
    • Financial wellness 
    • Personal safety
    • Volunteer Appreciation and Close Out

August 22nd - 30th

August 28th

August 29th

August 30th
Join us for Zine (Building), where we'll cultivate community connections and amplify diverse voices through the art of creating zines. Join the conversation around "Building Enough for All Futures" and ignite positive change in your communities. Let's learn, create, and inspire for a brighter, more inclusive future together! 
Join us for an enriching and empowering summer experience at BE-GIRL! Registration details will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media channels. For inquiries, please contact us at Let's unlock your potential and inspire greatness together!


  1. What is BE-GIRL? BE-GIRL is an annual summer camp program organized by the Ladies in the Family Foundation (LIFF) to empower young black girls through various activities and workshops focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, arts, and more.
  2. Who can participate? BE-GIRL is open to black girls aged 10 to 26 who are interested in exploring their talents, developing essential skills, and connecting with mentors in different fields.
  3. Where will the camps take place? The camps will be held at the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Calgary, providing a safe and conducive environment for learning and growth.
  4. What activities are offered? The program offers a wide range of activities, including skill showcases, workshops on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, leadership development, arts and crafts, music, STEM projects, and more.
  5. Who are the facilitators? Experienced facilitators from LIFF, partner organizations, and community leaders will lead the workshops and activities, providing mentorship and guidance throughout the camp.
  6. Is there a fee to participate? No, participation in BE-GIRL is free of charge thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and partners. However, a refundable deposit fee of $50 per week is required upon registration, which will be refunded at the end of the program.
  7. How can I register? Registration forms are linked in this landing page. Click the link for registration each week for a maximum of two weeks.
  8. How can I get involved as a volunteer or sponsor? If you're interested in volunteering or sponsoring BE-GIRL, please contact us at We welcome any form of support to make this program a success!
  9. Where can I find more information? For more information and updates on BE-GIRL, please visit our website You can also follow us on social media for updates and announcements. You can also contact us directly for any inquiries or assistance.

22 October 2022 - A non-profit organization, focused on building female relationships hosted a 'Be-Girl' event in Calgary to showcase Black girls' giftedness and talents.

Join us at BE GIRL, where diversity thrives and every girl is celebrated for her unique talents and potential. Whether you're aged 10 or 26, from any background, or with any ability, our vibrant summer camp welcomes you with open arms. From mentorship to hands-on experiences in various trades, we offer unique opportunities for growth and exploration. Together, let's create an inclusive and empowering environment where everyone can thrive. Join the BE-GIRL community today and be a part of something truly special.
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